Thursday, March 13, 2008

Susan See Photography

I have posted an interview with Susan on my wordpress blog. Come check it out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

All The Personality Tests You'll Ever Need!

Want to know more then just your personality type? How about if you are a twin, or a freak? Well, check this site out to take any one of a number of personality tests.

Just remember...All of the psychology personality tests are based on true psychology research currently being done. This means that you will find out accurate information about yourself. The nice thing is that results are instant, free, and anonymous! I like it already. Where is the placebo?

Links Around The World

I got tagged by Thumbelina Creations. Let us all help each other out by doing each and everyone a little favor . . . building our Technorati ranks and probably our Google page rank! How? By doing this tag! ^_^ I am making this not only to build up my own blog, but of course, to build up yours as well! So tag along, and lend us your helping hands.

Disclosure: The image was taken from a very informative site about parenting: This is the Links Around The World Tag.


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Links around the world tag:1 - Momhood Moments 2 - Business Mars 3 - A Simple life 4 - moms….. check nyo 5 - Mommy’s Little Corner 6 - Pampered 7- HappyHeart 8- Make Every Day Your Lucky Day 9- Thumbelina Creations 10- Ivonnardona's Creations

I'm tagging Jewellry Craft, Brenda's Creations, Little Salem, My Little Magick Shop, and Being Human.

Grant Me The Serenity...

Here it is, the website for Etsy Addicts!! You knew sooner or later there would be one and what better way to find out what sellers and buyers out there are thinking than to find their actual website!! So go check it out at!

By the way, I love the "Hi Tree" article.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My New Promotional Video!

This is the coolest ever by Animoto!

My Music Personality

This is like the coolest ever. It was so accurate, it was almost scary! I'm going to have my husband take the test and I having a feeling where his is going to come out!! LOL

My Music Personality

Colbie Caillat- Oxygen

Tina Turner Missing You Music Video