Friday, May 9, 2008

Beautiful Jr. Bridesmaid & Flower Girl!

My two daughters were in their aunts wedding and I thought they looked like princesses in their beautiful dresses.

The Scare of a Lifetime!

Back from a trip to Arlington, Texas and I am left with this question: "If your child almost dies, can you spoil them afterwards, or do you act as nothing happened?"

My five year old had a near drowning at the Motel we were staying in and a father that happened to be there with his three children saw her lying at the bottom of the pool. When he brought her up to the side of the pool, I performed CPR and she regained consciousness. She was then taken to a nearby children's hospital and had to stay the night for observation. She has walked away with only minor lung damage and a willingness to go back in the pool.

I still have flashes of her lying there with blue lips and face. I can't seem to stop spoiling her and I am not sure that I am doing the right thing. However, we did almost lose our youngest daughter and I would not have been able to go on had she not made it. On the other hand, I am grateful and ecstatic that she is still with us and I realize that the only thing that matters to me is my husband and my three children.