Saturday, September 20, 2008

Get Well Soon!

My husband had his gallbladder removed yesterday, so I thought I would do a post relating to recovery and well wishes for getting well.

TheMidnightOrange has created the ultimate gift for someone in recovery. Check out these Spoons Full of Sugar. A Spoon Full of Sugar is a metaphoric gift to show someone that you are sending the sweetest thoughts their way while they are sick or ill. The gesture helps to ease the mental discomfort associated with sickness, whether someone is just getting over a cold or bug, or has a longer road to treatment and recovery.

I love this plush uterus by VulvaLoveLovely and it reminded me of my friend, who is currently recovering from having fibroids removed yesterday from her uterus. This plush sports a Band-Aid, stitches and a cast.

How clever is this wooden card made out of craft sticks. Each card is drawn and colored by hand denisesimon and comes in a clear envelope with a sticker to write "to" and "from".

Next time I am shopping for a get well card, I know I will be shopping at QweenDavia. This little dog card is the cutest and it will work for just about anyone since the colors are neutral.

At first I couldn't imagine why anyone would wear these cute little Get Well Soon Ponytail Holders. Then I started thinking of Children's Hospital and how they would fit in just perfectly. ButtonBoutique has such a creative imagination and I simply adore these.