Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wishing Star Farm (Pumpkin Patch)

Yesterday I took the girls to The Wishing Star Farm & Pumpkin Patch. My younger and I had a blast, while my 13 year old was bummed because she couldn't ride one of the BIG horses!! They had miniature horse rides, a hay ride, farm animals to feed, pumpkins, and the best of all was the Camel. He was so cool and when he ate out of mind hand, his lips were very soft.

The barn had pot belly pigs, sheep, goats, mini horse, a Painted and Appaloosa horses, donkeys, geese, chickens, ducks, llamas, and a mini cow.

Crystal was really excited about riding the ponies. Luckily she had a mellow pony, as the lead pony kept trying to nip the girl that was leading them!! LOL

Here is my 13 year old looking excited about being here!

This is Jim, he drove the tracker for the really cool hay ride. He even put some scare factor in the ride by going on a slight slope next to the small lake they had.

This is some scenery and a horse that ran off when we were about half way away from it. Oh yeah, who can forget the windblown post hay ride picture that the guy next to us would only take if I took one of his wife, child, and himself. I told him to "pass it on!". Which, he probably had no idea as to what it meant.

These are just some random pictures at the end. My camera went dead when I was ready to take pictures of the pumpkin choosing. This really bummed me out, because this is when my 13 year old finally woke up!!



Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I see that there was also a camel present. Did anyone get to ride it? Those were always a highlight to ride at the little carnivals and fairs we had when I lived in Turkey. Camels and donkeys. A great childhood memory!

alice c.

TL Sexton said...

You couldn't ride the camel, only feed him. But he was just beautiful. Plus he is getting his winter coat, so that makes him look even greater.

Linda said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I remember doing fun stuff with my parents when I was little. Miss it.

But, now beading is fun, isn't it?

Linda B.